Childbirth classes give you a solid overview on birthing basics as well as possible interventions you may encounter.
If you’re already a mother, taking a birthing class can help you work toward the birth you envision for this baby and
can help you avoid anything you would like to change from your prior birth(s).

Chaya Musia Baruch

718.771.4189 or 917.822.1849

Offers childbirth classes in French and Hebrew

Sarah Eichler


Hypnobabies' objectives are to help pregnant couples bond with their baby in utero, teach you how to stay healthy and low-risk, trust in your body, mind and baby, as well as become self-reliant and confident about birthing your own way; safely and in much more physical comfort. 


Miriam Ezagui


Modern Birth Childbirth Education Class
taught by a Labor & Delivery Nurse.

This class focuses on providing mothers with the tools to achieve a natural childbirth in a hospital setting and the challenges encountered along the way. Learn about the labor stages, coping methods, positioning, relaxation, massage, and medications. Topics also cover skin to skin, bonding with your baby, and initiating breast feeding.

Sara Chana Silverstein


Offers one-on-one birthing classes.

Nesha Toron


Classes cover pregnancy, labor and the postpartum period. Topics include the physiology of pregnancy and birth, hospital policies, pain management techniques and options, breathing and positioning, and birth and postpartum planning. All classes are private and offered in the comfort of your home.

Shavy Jaffe

​718.851.6060 or 718.812.0418

Located in Boro Park

Course consists of six, two hour lessons.

Insurance may cover part of the costs. 

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