Created in loving memory of 

"Bubby Friedman"

Miriam Tzimel bas R' Yosef Baruch



Expecting mothers need resources, women who recently gave birth need support, and mothers with young children need social networking. This website aims to centralize the existing resources, support, and social opportunities already available in Crown Heights.

Kimpator Project

And perhaps, most important of all, this site hopes to restore the age old value of the 'kimpatorin.' As a society in general, we have lost the art of convalescence. For new mothers in particular, taking time to heal and taking all the help available is the key to a speedy recovery, a healthy and happy mom...and a happy family! Mothers of Crown Heights creates awareness and provides the infrastructure to help Kimpatorin do their job best: rest.

Two new initiatives that are available through this site are: 

An Extra Pair Of Hands

Where high school and seminary volunteers are available to help new mother for an hour a week, for up to six weeks post birth. 

Gifting Every Mom

As part of the celebration of having a new baby, will hand deliver a lovely gift to mothers in Crown Heights.

The baby gifts are sponsored by Keren HaChomesh, the fund established by the Rebbe in memory of Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka, with the purpose of benefiting women and girls in the community.


Mothers of Crown Heights was founded in the summer of 2017 in memory of Mrs. Miriam Friedman, ob'm. Mrs. Friedman was a longtime member of Crown Heights. She was Bubby Friedman to a lot more than just her grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great great grandchildren.

In her modest way, she was a shining example of the kind of wife and mother one strives to be.  

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Disclaimer:  Mothers Of Crown Heights has resources and information for the general public. This listing is for informational purposes only. Being listed on this site in no way constitutes an endorsement of the persons or organization listed. 

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